since 1960

We've been walking for 60 years.
It was a very long and lonely road.

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+ 82 02 2263 2763 CONTACT

Velvet Myth's Utopia Youngdo will achieve it.

Youngdo Velvet, the pride of Korea's velvet, was established in 1960. At that time, it started research on the localization of velvet, so-called <Birodo>, which was imported from Japan, the U.S. and Germany and was in the limelight as a high-end wedding product, and developed Korea's first velvet fabric. By first exporting to the Middle East in 1975, Korea's velvet industry was transformed from an importing country to an exporting country.

Youngdo Velvet, which boasts unique technology, produces velvet products with beautiful luster, soft touch, and excellent durability that competitors cannot imitate through a batch production system ranging from yarn-weaving-dyeing-processing and technical tie-up with Hasegawa of Japan. It occupies the top spot in the luxury velvet market.

Youngdo Velvet insisted on 100% domestic production (made in KOREA) amid fierce competition with third countries such as China, and invested 40 million dollars to produce the world's highest quality velvet by investing 182 rapier looms and CPB dyeing facilities. We are proposing a new lifestyle to modern consumers who require practicality by developing the world's first water-washable micro poly velvet.

Chairman Ryu Byung-sun

Yesterday's No. 1 textile company
Today, we will leap forward as a high-tech materials company..

Youngdo's technology development spirit, in which small thoughts became innovations, was the number one contributor to Apple's iPAD in the US becoming an innovative device.

The excellent colors and free touch of the iPAD LCD panel <Retina Display> are solved by Youngdo Velvet's high-density LCD roughing cloth, which has localized a technology previously monopolized by Japan.

s of 2020, it occupies 95% of the global market and develops environmental filter velvet, lithium-ion battery anode active material velvet, and elastic composite steel sheet velvet that can be used in future electric vehicles based on high-density LCD roughing cloth technology, becoming a high-tech material company by 2030 will make a leap forward.

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Made in 2030 Strategy
for 5 Oceans and 6 Continents

Youngdo Velvet, which has achieved an unprecedented growth rate and sales in the domestic textile industry, is accelerating the development of next-generation new products
by acquiring the latest textile trends under an ambitious global strategy to target the world's top-notch velvet market.
In addition, we plan to establish overseas branches under the plan to preoccupy the domestic and overseas markets through the global network.
Youngdo Velvet's "Made in 2030", which wants to grow into a global company, will continue to run with passion toward the world today.

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Youngdo Velvet Board of directors

The late Chairman
Lee Won-hwaFounder of Youngdo Velvet
Founder of Youngdo Velvet
Thorough quality-first management practice, 10-year operation since the start of 'technological revolution' in 1973
Creation of value management through advanced brand equity management with 'Three Eagle'
Establishing batch production system to achieve production automation
Introduced Velvet's military academy by recruiting the best talent in Korea and supporting large-scale R&D
The late Chairman Lee Won-hwa
Ryu Byung-sun ChairmanCo-founder of Youngdo Velvet
Co-founder of Youngdo Velve
Improved ability to develop new products through strategic alliances with the textile and fashion industries
Technology and new product development through industry-university cooperation
Introduced dyeing technique using natural dyes with Daegu Daekyung University and Keimyung University
Support for regional economic development through partnership with local fashion designers
Ryu Byung-sun Chairman
Chung-yeol LeeCEO
Accumulation of excellent knowledge and information through advanced management education in Korea and the United States
A future professional manager who leads the future of Yeongdo in the 21st century with youth, challenge and courage
Establishment of advanced business in the textile industry and Yeongdo through the introduction of IT technology
Chung-yeol Lee CEO
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We will head for new experiences
while maintaining the pride of Velvet.

+82 02 2263 2763
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YOUNGDO VELVET +82 02 2263 2763
+82 02 2263 2766
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YOUNGDO VELVET +82 02 2263 2763
+82 02 2263 2766
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